Kevin Grossnicklaus

Kevin Grossnicklaus

St. Louis, MO

Kevin is the President of a St. Louis-based consulting firm called ArchitectNow. He and his team spend their days developing great software and brainstorming the next great app ideas. Kevin has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for the past five years and has just been recognized as an ASPInsider. This is also the shortest bio Kevin has ever included on a conference website.

Kevin's Sessions

  • Efficient Communication between API's and JavaScript

    This session will introduce attendees to the patterns and technologies utilized to efficiently communicate between rich HTML/JavaScript applications and server-side API’s. We will discuss how ASP.NET WebAPI (or MVC Json endpoints) can be used to quickly and easily set up your endpoints. Attendees will learn how to best accept the inputs they need and return data in a format that is most useful on the client. Attendees will also be introduced to the Json format and we will discuss the intricacies of serialization of data.

    From the client, we will discuss various options and patterns for calling these API’s and handling the serialization of data going up and coming down. We will demonstrate a number of technologies that can be used from JavaScript to consume API’s including Angular 1.5 and 2 and libraries such as Promises and RxJS/Observables.

    Finally, we will demonstrate how to easily debug API-centric web applications using Visual Studio and modern web-browsers.

    Speaker: Kevin Grossnicklaus

    Level: Intermediate

    Tracks: Web Development 

    Topics: ASP.NET  HTML5  JavaScript  Web Services 

  • Using WebPack to streamline modern web application packaging and deployment

    This session will demonstrate how the new WebPack module bundler ( offers a great solution for bundling modern web content and serving up efficiently from the server.

    We will demonstrate how to get started with WebPack within the context of a Visual Studio 2015 web application (MVC, WebForms, or Core) and how to configure it efficiently to bundle and serve any content you need efficiently and “on demand”. This allows developers to efficiently organize their content together and easily have it sent to the server as needed by a particular area of the application.

    We will demonstrate how to configure Visual Studio to efficiently work with WebPack and discuss best practices for utilizing it with modern frameworks such as Angular2. Attendees will also be pointed at a number of great resources to help them better understand and utilize WebPack in their own projects.

    Speaker: Kevin Grossnicklaus

    Level: Advanced

    Tracks: Web Development 

    Topics: ASP.NET  Development Practices  MVC  Visual Studio