Kevin Queen

Kevin Queen

Greater St. Louis Area

Works with business to identify opportunities to leverage technology to achieve or exceed goals. Passionate about creating intelligent applications using data analytics and machine learning. Over twenty years of experience leading teams in the development of custom applications to enable business success. Technologies have spanned MS SQL, PL/SQL, Java, .NET, and (groan) VBA for office applications. Kevin is exploring Python and has focused on SQL with R and Azure ML Studio for data analytics. His brand new blog can be found at

Kevin's Sessions

  • A Brisk Stroll Through AzureML Studio

    Get an overview of how to create and incorporate AI into your application solutions. Will show how to use the Azure ML studio, with or without R and Python, to create predictive models. More importantly, will review how to incorporate the model into your applications. Combination of talk and demo (tell and show) to walk through key aspects and considerations to include:

    • Data sources
    • Data exploration (including visualization)
    • Data wrangling
    • Feature engineering
    • Selecting models
    • Tuning models
    • Checking for over fitting
    • Comparing models
    • Stacking
    • Sharing experiments
    • Creating predictive experiments
    • Generating web service or using Azure storage
    • Publishing and consuming the service

    Everything you need to from soup to nuts to put AI into your applications! You'll see how to get started to begin your own exploration.

    Speaker: Kevin Queen