Erin Page

Erin Page


Erin is a US Army Veteran, mom to two brilliant teenage boys, and Web Application Developer at Beachy. She helps organize Nashville's Ruby User Group, Nodevember, Nashville's local JS conference, and BarCamp Nashville. Erin is a go-go-go kind of person: go getter, go-to, go team!! When she is not mentoring or hacking, she can be found transporting teenagers around Nashville.

Erin's Sessions

  • Building a Chat Bot with

    A "new" way of communicating with your computer/devices is on the rise: VOICE. How do we make a program understand our determinations with words? Enter, a platform for mapping intents. Attendees will git a quick rundown of and see it used in a live chatbot. A more complicated chatbot made with Ruby will be demonstrated to show the some of the more advanced usages of There are a lot of tools out in the market that attempting to resolve similar issues as Let's start learning about these new class of tools. Limitations and alternatives to will be discussed.

    Speaker: Erin Page