Rick Petersen

Rick Petersen

Dallas, TX


I'm a former Saint Louis native excited to come back and mingle with my STL friends. I am a husband, a father of two young ladies, a coffee snob, a beer snob, a consultant, a Whovian and an extrovert. I love conferences; sharing the few things that have managed to stick in my head and learning from those kind enough to share with me are two of my favorite things. I have 2 dogs (a beagle and a st. bernard) and they combine with my kids to fuel many of the stories I tell.


Now I live in Plano, TX, working for Credera as an Architect in the Microsoft Solutions practice. I love my job, the people I work with and the clients I serve.

Rick's Sessions

  • Naked and Not Afraid: How to Better Serve Your Clients

    Ready to get naked?

    As a software development consultant I spend a lot of time with my clients... I spend time on site with them, I think about their challenges even while not in the office and I am embarrassed to admit that I have awoken several times in the middle of a client-related nightmare; whether you are a consultant or not, you have clients if you work in the business world at all. Somebody decides to continue to spend the ink and paper on printing a paycheck for you each pay period and, if no one else is, that person is your client. What if you got naked with your clients? Not the "no clothing on" variety but the "no barriers, vulnerable, honest, humble, intentional" variety. With the help of Patrick Lencioni's book Getting Naked as a guide, let's get comfortable with getting naked.

    Following the principles of the model laid out in Getting Naked , we will cover real world stories and experiences that will permanently sear the three primary fears into your brain and provide encouragement and guidance on overcoming those fears.

    We will attack the fears one at a time:

    • Fear #1 - The Fear of Losing the Business - What if you anger your client? What if you tell them things they don't like to hear? What if you aren't a 'closer' when it comes to selling your work?
    • Fear #2 - The Fear of Being Embarrassed - What if you look dumb? Heck, what if you sorta are dumb (or at least ignorant)? What do you do when, inevitably, you come across as dumb?
    • Fear #3 - The Fear of Feeling Inferior - What if you client puts you in a really tough situation? What if your client makes you look bad? What if your client asks you to clean the toilet?

    My hope for this session is that you will: have fun sharing in laughter at my short-comings, be encouraged to serve your clients with full vulnerability and maybe make the decision to get naked with your clients later this week!

    Speaker: Rick Petersen

  • The Hardest Part of Being an Architect: A Death Star Story

    We all know the flaw in the Death Star was the exhaust ports direct line to the reactor... but what really lead to that vulnerability? We will cover the architect-driven conversations that probably went on (and some that were evidently missed) that led to the eventual fall of the Death Star.

    We will follow Frank, the chief architect of the Death Star 1 project, as he attempts to navigate one of the most ambitious evil undertakings ever! We will examine his interactions on the ship and the guidance he provided the team in light of Dave Hendricksen's 12 Essential Skills for Software Architects.

    Now, I realize the Death Star is a floating station of death-inducing planet-disintegration and seems a little different than a web application or an ERP, but I believe that the most difficult parts of being a software architect have nothing to do with the technical details at all! What if Frank had been skilled in negotiation, leadership and even politics? If Frank was able to marry innovation, vision and pragmatism in his recommendations, could the exhaust from the reactor have been vented indirectly, perhaps even providing ambient heating in the prison cells?

    Perhaps we will never know how things could have turned out for Frank, but we can positively impact our projects as architects by honing the 12 Essential Skills for Software Architects. Whether you are a software architect today, aspire to be one in the future, or you manage a team within which you would like to help develop software architects, this session is for you!

    Speaker: Rick Petersen