Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Polaris Solutions
Palos Park, IL

Kevin Fitzpatrick is a Senior Consultant with Polaris Solutions. He has been developing software applications since 2007. He is especially interested in the .NET development stack, DevOps, Agile Practices, and consulting in general. When not on the clock, he is an accomplished home chef, home brewer, and father and husband to two incredible ladies and one slightly..err not slightly, neurotic boxer.

Kevin's Sessions

  • Taming the Tentacles of Octopus

    This presentation will cover a release scenario that is designed to be demonstrative of a complex release scenario that could be found in a long established development environment, where different pieces to an existing set of solutions are deployed across several different servers in different locations. We will cover deploying to these different environments as well as configuring each accordingly.

    Speaker: Kevin Fitzpatrick