Spencer Schneidenbach

Spencer Schneidenbach

Aviron Software
St. Louis, MO

Spencer Schneidenbach is a web developer, Microsoft MVP, speaker, consultant, and blogger in the St. Louis area, focusing on JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, React/Redux, and ASP.NET. He is the owner of Aviron Software, a consultancy specializing in cloud- and web-based software solutions.

Full speaking history and blog can be found at http://schneids.net.

Spencer's Sessions

  • Authentication and Security Strategies for the Modern Web

    In today's ever-connected world, security is of utmost importance. Breaches round the world have shown the sheer amount of data that is at risk every day. The best approach to security? Start fundamentally and don't compromise!

    In this session, Spencer will demonstrate authentication and security strategies for your systems, from avoiding cross-site scripting and request forging attacks to leveraging OAuth to make your systems more secure. We'll discuss implementation as well as some common mistakes to avoid and demonstrate live how hackers perform some common attacks like SQL injection.

    Come to this session and learn how to avoid becoming the next big data breach on "Have I Been Pwned?"

    Speaker: Spencer Schneidenbach

  • Your JavaScript Needs Types

    What's one thing Slack, Facebook, and Google have in common? They've all embraced types in their JavaScript! Typed JavaScript is meeting lots of resistance from folks who don't believe their JavaScript needs it, but many projects are transitioning to type systems such as TypeScript or Flow for better long-term maintainability and bug reduction.

    In this session, Spencer will break down why types in your JavaScript will make you a better JS developer. We'll explore the benefits brought on by typed JavaScript, such as better tooling and ease of refactoring. Finally, we'll discuss how you can introduce typing to your JavaScript in projects small to large, new and old.

    Speaker: Spencer Schneidenbach