Jimmie Stanhouse

Jimmie Stanhouse

Software Engineer
BMT Designers and Planners
Marion, Il

In a previous life Jimmie was a diesel mechanic. A sore body and a failing company convinced him to pursue his passion of software development. Jimmie worked 3 years building integrated e-commerce websites, then he went out and did freelance contract work for about a year before being hired by BMT Designers and Planners. He has been with D and P for a little over a year now, where he is the lead developer on several projects.

Jimmie's Sessions

  • Staying Productive Amidst the Chaos – Working Remotely

    This session will give some insight into staying focused and productive while working from home. The techniques from this course were used to help the speaker change careers from a 12 hour day job to a software engineer, and then to advance that career as a software engineer. We will discuss goal setting, dealing with the everyday distractions from home, the importance of keeping your work life separate from your family life, and some tools to help you along the way.

    Speaker: Jimmie Stanhouse

    Level: Beginner

    Tracks: Career and Soft Skills 

    Topics: Software Career