Billy Korando

Billy Korando

Keyhole Software
Kansas City, MO

Billy Korando is a software consultant with Keyhole Software. Billy has over nine years of experience in software development and has worked in the exciting industries like insurance, shipping, and healthcare.

Billy's Sessions

  • What's New in Java 9

    The newest addition of Java, Java 9, has finally arrived and with it a bunch of new features and headaches as well.

    During the course we will get an overview of the largest and most impactful change in Java 9, Jigsaw, which introduces modularity to the JDK. Will discuss the benefits modularity brings, get an understanding of some of the new language features around modularity, and how to migrate your existing applications to Java 9.

    Java 9 isn't all modularity, also covered will be the performance benefits of running applications in a Java 9 environment, new features like JShell, and enhancements to existing features like Streams.

    Speaker: Billy Korando