Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr

St. Louis, MO

Jessica Kerr is a developer at Atomist, where she works in TypeScript, Scala, Clojure, Java, and occasionally Elm, creating development automation tools for a new level of abstraction in programming. She speaks at software conferences internationally; so far this year she keynoted GOTO Copenhagen, O'Reilly Software Architecture and Empire Elixir (NYC), and Codemania (New Zealand), plus talks in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, and Oslo. She podcasts on >Code (, blogs at, and tweets by her true name: @jessitron.

Jessica's Sessions

  • Forget Velocity, Let's Talk Acceleration

    Want to get better at your job?

    It isn't enough to keep going. We need to move faster and -- even more important -- in the right direction. Since the "right" direction is constantly shifting, we need new strategies for acceleration.

    As a programmer, we do something new every day. How do we get better at doing new things?

    In this session, Jessica has answers both code-based and human-based. Along the way, you'll find out:

    • Which programming language is the best?
    • What is "done"?
    • and, Why is software development so hard?

    Come to this talk if you want to shift how you think about your job, and possibly life.

    Speaker: Jessica Kerr