Kent Peek

Kent Peek

Polaris Solutions

Kent Peek is a Senior Consultant with Polaris Solutions. As a certified scrum master, architect, and developer, he helps clients deliver great software through ALM and development best practices.

Kent's Sessions

  • Git Demystified

    Have you learned the basic Git commands, but still wonder what voodoo lies behind them? Do you panic at the thought of a merge conflict? Don't panic! Join me as we dive into the internals of Git and learn once and for all what's going on behind the curtain. Because once you truly understand Git, concepts such as branching and merging no longer seem like voodoo. By the end of this talk you won't know every Git command, but you will have a solid foundation to understand those commands when you need them. We'll also talk about merging vs. rebasing, how to get out of sticky situations, and resources and tools to cover all your Git needs.

    No previous Git knowledge required!

    Speaker: Kent Peek