Alison Hawke

Alison Hawke

WWT Asynchrony Labs
St Louis, MO

I'm the director of quality advocacy for WWT Asynchrony Labs, leading a team of over forty testers in three cities. My goal is to write code that breaks code to make a better product. I train technical testers who can help a team release awesome products that make client's lives better. I've been in QA for 12 years and I love getting into the code to test more thoroughly. I've written test code in Java, C#, JavaScript, and I am currently learning Elixir and Angular/Protractor. Outside work, I'm a black belt in Chinese Kenpo and love sparring.

Alison's Sessions

  • Next-level test-driven development

    Would you like to start a story with some tests already waiting for you? This is the story of two consecutive projects from the same team. On the first one, over 30% of the stories were bugs, on the second, less than 5% bug stories. What made the difference? Developers and QA working together on automated regression testing, and testers writing tests before developers picked up a story. A tester that can read and write code means the client gets a much better product and the team has less frustrating re-work and bug-fixes. This talk will walk you through the process when you have that technical QA, and show you how to build and train them.

    Speaker: Alison Hawke