Matt Follett

Matt Follett

St. Louis, MO

I'm a software engineer focusing on the mobile web experience for Twitch. I'm very excited about making pleasant web applications that are performant across devices and resilient to network conditions. My previous experiences include working to enable and improve the workflow of genetic researchers at The Genome Institute and working on a web application that helped to lower drug- and alcohol-related crime recidivism rates, which was especially heavily used in lower-bandwidth parts of the country.

When I'm not working I'm enjoying spending time with my wife and watching my kids grow up and learn or I'm playing games.

Matt's Sessions

  • How Mobile Web Works at Twitch

    This talk will focus on how we drove performance on It will begin making a case for the importance of mobile web and the difficulties it brings. Then it will dive into how we built our serverless universal React application to bring sub-second load times in many mobile contexts. We'll talk some about the pitfalls of universal React and discuss how to leveraging CloudFront, API Gateway, Cloudwatch, and AWS Lambda to build an infrastructure that scales well and requires little care and feeding. At the end of this talk attendees should understand why focusing on mobile for the web apps is important, why it is difficult, and how they can solve this problem.

    Speaker: Matt Follett