Jeffrey St. Germain

Jeffrey St. Germain

Piquant Software Solutions
Greater St. Louis Area

I am a Software Architect / Senior Consultant for Piquant Software Solutions. I spend most of my days knee deep in cutting edge technology and brainstorming new solutions for clients. I have been working/playing with technology for 30+ years and have always had a passion for learning and teaching.

Jeffrey's Sessions

  • Securing ASP.NET Core APIs and Websites with IdentityServer4

    How to configure a new Identity Server, a ASP.NET Core APIs and a ASP.NET Core website and secure the sites with IdentityServer. Configure clients, claims, scopes, secrets, policies and integrate with EF Identity. I'll touch on API first development and architecture, how to store Identity Server entities in the database. Use identity server to authenticate with a SPA Angular2

    Speaker: Jeffrey St. Germain