Michael Dowden

Michael Dowden

Co-Founder and Product Architect
Indianapolis, IN

Michael Dowden is a Co Founder of start-up incubator Andromeda, Product Architect for FlexePark, and operates his own design & development studio, M2D2. Since 1992 he has provided a full range of full-stack technology and consulting services to more than 60 companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100.

As a software developer and architect Michael focuses on the K.I.S.S. principle, keeping systems as simple as possible (but no simpler). Michael is passionate about lightweight frameworks in both both Java and JavaScript ecosystems, often pointing out that Java is to JavaScript as Car is to Carrot. As an MBA he focuses on solutions that provide true business value and always works to improve collaboration and communication between teams.

Since 2012 Michael has been active in helping other developers grow in their career, spending 4 years organizing the Indianapolis Java User Group, teaching both Java and JavaScript for Eleven Fifty Academy, and currently developing a Java cryptography course for Pluralsight. His book Programming Languages ABC++ has sold more than 20,000 copies and has made its way into elementary schools across Indiana. Michael also speaks at various conferences including Code PaLOUsa, KCDC, and Indy.Code().

Michael's Sessions

  • Introduction to Online Security

    From Anthem to Ashley Madison, from the FBI to the IRS the last couple years have been significant in terms of quantity and impact of security breaches.

    The need for securing our information systems has never been more clear. In 2016 passwords were stolen at a rate of 95/second with the cost of an average breach around $4 million. The global cost of data breaches is expected to exceed $2 trillion within the next two years.

    In this presentation common attacks will be described along with mitigation techniques. You will leave with an introductory vocabulary in software security, as well as tips and tools you can use to protect yourself (and your business) online.

    Speaker: Michael Dowden