Bryan Roberts

Bryan Roberts

Cloud Solution Architect
St. Louis, MO

I am a developer at heart and have worked through a multitude of different positions and industries in the Saint Louis area. With over 10 years of consulting experience and 15+ years of professional development experience I have worked on projects from bank system management to enterprise service delivery.

I have worked with Azure and other cloud services focusing on providing services via the cloud both offsite and externally hosted.

I have spent a majority of my time working on the Microsoft stack of technologies and have experience helping customers with DevOps both on premise and in the cloud.

Bryan's Sessions

  • Love and Hate, Having Conversations About Going to the Cloud

    While the cloud has become common place for those in the industry it can still be a daunting if not scary prospect for many individual and organizations. In this talk we will group potential customers into three groups and walk through how to have digital transformation discussions with customers that are cloud averse, never touched the cloud or just getting their feet wet.

    We will also go over the real security threat of the cloud and why this decision is made with the business and not sold to the business. The cloud is all about partnerships and building trust.

    Speaker: Bryan Roberts

  • Planet scale data with CosmosDB

    How to deal with data at massive scale? When should I target this new breed of data sources? Where does graph/document/column based data sources fit into my applications?

    We will talk about new emerging data models and how they coalesce with CosmosDB. We will get hands on with this data source and show off regional data distribution, 5 different consistency models and multiple APIs for data access (MongoDB, DocDB, Graph and Tables).

    Speaker: Bryan Roberts

  • To Infinity and Beyond: Build Serverless APIs

    With Azure Functions it is easy to get started writing APIs outside of traditional hosting models. We will show hands on examples of writing an API in three different languages and then demonstrate how to work with these languages in a mature devops environment with Jenkins and VSTS.

    We will work with languages not usually utilized for API's such as powershell to show off how easy making APIs can be for any skill set. As well as showing off build processes and dev ops tools outside of the Microsoft stack.

    Speaker: Bryan Roberts