Mike Cerny

Mike Cerny

Mobile App Developer
Kansas City, KS

Mike is a full stack web and mobile programmer, who speaks to user groups about mobile application development. Passionate about new technology, Mike follows the latest trends in all area of mobile application development (especially Xamarin), JavaScript frameworks and TypeScript, and web application development with ASP.NET. Mike co-organizes the Kansas City Mobile .NET Developers Group.

Mike's Sessions

  • So you want to build a mobile app... now what?

    The mobile application landscape is packed with choices and making sense of the options can be confusing. Cordova, NativeScript, ReactNative, Xamarin, XCode, Android Studio -- and those are just the top six! In this session Mike will compare the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of mobile application development approaches and give practical suggestions as to which would be best suited to your development team.

    Speaker: Mike Cerny

    Level: Beginner

    Tracks: Mobile Development 

    Topics: Cross-Platform  JavaScript  Mobile