Gus Emery

Gus Emery

Principal Solution Engineer
Minneapolis, MN

Gus Emery is a Principal Solution Engineer with Clear-Measure, a Consulting Company based in Austin, TX. Gus also is a Co-Host of #CodeCast a biweekly development PodCast striving to distribute development knowledge to the masses. Gus has spent the last 23 years architecting and implementing highly-scalable ASP.Net applications and distributed n-tiered applications across a broad array of industries in the Twin Cities. Gus has been working with Visual Basic since v3.0 and C# .Net since inception, and loves to seek out new and exciting technologies that facilitate productivity improvements and serve his customers’ technological needs!

Gus' Sessions

  • Workshop: Microservice Bootcamp

    In this session we will discuss the implementation of the Micro-service framework. We will go through the steps needed, talk about pros and cons and when to think about going toward this architecture. The session will cover the following topics within the architecture. Architecture, Monolith vs Micro-service, Building, Deployment, Scaling, Service Discovery and Continuous Delivery. This session is geared toward architecture and will run interactively with the attendees.

    Speaker: Gus Emery

    Level: Beginner

    Tracks: Modern Day Architect 

    Topics: Architecture Practices  Azure & Cloud  Development Practices