Jenissa Moore

Jenissa Moore

Professional Development Manager
Asynchrony / WWT
Thomson, IL

Jenissa Moore, Professional Development Manager at WWT Asynchrony Labs, has a passion for helping individuals grow in their career. She earned her BA in Organization Management from Ashford University in Iowa, and worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers on the Mississippi River before joining the software industry. She has expanded her role to involve teaching Agile Software development practices, overseeing the internship program, and creating new learning opportunities within Asynchrony Labs. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family - including her 4 dogs, and traveling.

Jenissa's Sessions

  • Be selfish - Give feedback on soft skills

    Feedback is hard. Especially when the context is crucial/constructive or there is not clear path on how that person can improve. You can make giving this feedback easier by being selfish - consider how YOUR life will be improved by providing this feedback.

    Taking steps to provide feedback on someone's soft skills can help create an environment filled with trust and communication; which in turn benefits you!

    Speaker: Jenissa Moore

    Level: Intermediate

    Tracks: Career and Soft Skills 

    Topics: Software Career