Jeff Strauss

Jeff Strauss

Problem Solver
Arana Software
St. Louis, MO

Jeff is both a software consultant and a licensed attorney. Because of his unique experiences that combine technology and law, he is equally comfortable presenting to a room full of geeks or donning a suit to meet with corporate executives. He maintains a passion for solving problems with inspired solutions, improving life through technology. A dedicated member of the developer community, Jeff regularly travels to speak on both technical and business-oriented topics across the country. He is co-owner of Arana Software and has enjoyed the honor of serving on the board of directors for DevUp Conference and the St. Louis .NET User Group.

Jeff's Sessions

  • Adding ES6 to Your Developer Toolbox

    Web developers constantly look for the latest and greatest ways to hone their craft, but changes come fast. From jQuery to Angular to Ember to React, CoffeeScript to TypeScript, it seems there is always something new. But ES6 is something different. With ES6 we are seeing the evolution of core JavaScript. It includes syntactic improvements and great new features never before seen in client-side code. Linters and transpilers for ES6 are readily available and easy to use. There is no need to wait; learn how to leverage the power of "the new JavaScript" in your applications today!

    Speaker: Jeff Strauss

    Level: Intermediate

    Tracks: Javascript Development 

    Topics: Development Practices  JavaScript