Mike Green

Mike Green

Senior Consultant
Polaris Solutions
St. Louis

Mike Green is a Senior Architect with Polaris Solutions. Though primarily a web developer, he has many years of experience implementing custom solutions across a variety Microsoft technologies. Mike has a passion for technology and considers himself a lifelong learner.

Mike's Sessions

  • Securing your Applications with Azure AD

    Developers and organizations often need to manage access to many applications both on premise and in the cloud. In this session Mike will explain what Azure Active Directory has to offer your applications in regards to Identity Management as a Service (IDaaS). He will demonstrate how IDaaS will allow you to focus on writing your app and leave the authentication, authorization, single sign on, and security capabilities up to Azure AD.

    Speaker: Mike Green

    Level: Intermediate

    Tracks: Next Generation Cloud 

    Topics: Azure & Cloud  Security  Visual Studio