Ronnie Hicks

Ronnie Hicks

Senior Consultant
Oakwood Systems Group, Inc.
St. Louis

Ronnie Hicks is a Application Development/Application Lifecycle Management Consultant in the St. Louis area with 9 years of professional development experience. Over the past several years he has specialized in ALM consulting and trying to find a way to make the problem of Database Lifecycle Management a more enjoyable experience.

Ronnie's Sessions

  • Jim and Bob's Excellent (Database) Adventure

    “Hey Jim" “Hey Bob, how’s it going?" (mumble mumble)”It’s alright, I guess. We have another database push tonight. Looks like it’s going to be another late one. (sigh)" “Aw Bob, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, I’ll be out golfing, let me know if you need anything! Bye!"

    Familiar, right? Everybody’s had their rounds once or twice. Well, let’s talk about how we can turn grumbly Bob into happy Bob. This session will introduce a new tool to Bob’s job that will allow him to get that database changed, and have some fun too. There’ll be databases, a simple web interface, and some sparkly Red Gates that come to save the day. Come join us as we walk, run then frolic through the fields of Database Lifecycle Management.

    Speaker: Ronnie Hicks

    Level: Beginner

    Tracks: DevOps Automation and Tooling 

    Topics: Database/SQL  DevOps