Spencer Schneidenbach

Spencer Schneidenbach

Platform Architect
St. Louis, MO

Spencer Schneidenbach is a developer and Microsoft MVP in the St. Louis area who specializes in ASP.NET, C#, and other web-based technologies, including JavaScript, AngularJS, and SignalR. He currently works as the Director of Engineering at Ryvit, leading the technical decisions on the platform as well as mentoring other developers. While not at work, he enjoys reading, blogging, and spending time with his two kids and wife.

Spencer's Sessions

  • Getting Started with Angular 2 and TypeScript

    The web world has become increasingly more complex over the past few years. The demand for fast, fluid single page applications (or SPAs) has gone up, along with the seemingly endless number of frameworks used to build them. The most popular among them, Angular 1, took the SPA world by storm seven years ago. Since then, it's been adopted by many developers and firms looking to build rich, feature-fill applications for the web, mobile, and beyond.

    Angular 2 looks to continue that trend with a library that is more performant, lighter, and easier to use. In this session, we'll learn about components, directives, services, and dependency injection, as well as the new Angular 2 syntax. We'll also learn about TypeScript, Microsoft's open source superset of JavaScript that enables fast, fluid, fun, and safe development. Learn about some of the features of TypeScript that enable us to rapidly develop and maintain Angular 2 applications with ease, including classes, decorators, and compile-time type checking.

    Speaker: Spencer Schneidenbach

    Level: Beginner

    Tracks: Javascript Development 

    Topics: Development Practices  JavaScript 

  • Never RESTing - RESTful API Design Best Practices Using ASP.NET Web API

    Designing and building RESTful APIs isn't easy. On its surface, it may seem simple - after all, we're only marshaling JSON back and forth over HTTP right? However, that's only a small part of the equation. There are many things to keep in mind while building the systems that act as the key to your system.

    In this session, we'll delve into several best practices to keep in mind when designing your RESTful API. We'll discuss authentication, versioning, controller/model design, and testability. We'll also explore the do's and don't's of RESTful API management so that you make sure your APIs are simple, consistent, and easy-to-use. Finally, we'll discuss the importance of documentation and change management.

    The session will show examples using ASP.NET Web API and C#. However, this session will benefit anyone who is or might be working on a RESTful API.

    Speaker: Spencer Schneidenbach

    Level: Beginner

    Tracks: Web Development 

    Topics: ASP.NET  Web Services