Jason Follas

Jason Follas

Software Architect
Falafel Software
Toledo, OH

Jason Follas has spent the better part of the past twenty years successfully writing software for clients in the manufacturing, engineering, and financial services sectors. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups, and loves the opportunity to teach as well as to learn from others. His career has been centered around the use of Microsoft technologies, from ASP.NET and SQL Server to writing Windows Store and Windows Phone applications. Most recently, he has focused on writing web client apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Jason's Sessions

  • Why is IoT so expensive? With the ESP8266 Wi-Fi-enabled microcontroller, it doesn’t have to be!

    The Internet of Things is about connecting a device (the Thing) to the internet. So, does that mean that you need something at least as powerful as a $35 Raspberry Pi in order to participate in IoT? The answer in most cases is: No!

    Chinese manufacturer Espressif makes a chip known as the ESP8266-EX that combines a microcontroller with a Wi-Fi stack on the same silicon. This chip, combined with flash memory and an antenna, is sold as a FCC/CE-approved module for under US$3. Breadboard-friendly DevKits that combine the module with USB serial port and power components are available for under US$7.

    This talk is not a sales pitch for Espressif, though. Rather, we will explore how to write software for this tiny platform, focusing on the use of an open-source firmware known as NodeMCU. Using scripts written in Lua, we’ll see how to connect to a network, read data from other devices and sensors, and communicate with services on the internet – the types of activities that a tiny Thing would need to do!

    Speaker: Jason Follas

    Level: Intermediate

    Tracks: Data Everywhere 

    Topics: IoT