John Gobble

John Gobble

Application Architect
Daugherty Business Solutions
Greater St. Louis Area

I am a Sr. Manager and app arch at Daugherty, software consultant of 13+ years, father of 5 wonderful kiddos, and owner of one, very small Yorkie - Bruce. I have lived most of my so called career in the .NET space; I've written and architected systems, and I've led waterfall and agile projects and programs of various sizes and durations. My professional passion is seeing my clients succeed in their respective market places as a result of my teams' efforts.

I have learned over the years that there is always more to learn. So"¦ some of my go-to inspirations in the diverse spaces of leadership, management, and IT include Winston Churchill, Peter Drucker, and Martin Fowler.

John's Sessions

  • Agile Delivery in a Waterfall World

    As Midwest business and IT increasingly embrace agile practices, the natural tendency of these organizational structures is to enforce old mindsets and constraints on the practices of "agile" while expecting all of the benefits of agile methodologies. In this talk we will walk through some of the improvement opportunity areas within agile delivery that should help you navigate "waterfall mentalities," and we will discuss pragmatic approaches for tuning agile efforts for waterfall constraints while promoting cultural change that may lead to better understanding and adoption of agile concepts across the broader organization.

    Since agile has become a de facto SDLC for most organizations - at least in name, we will look at dev lead, project management, business owner, and IT concerns that should be considered for your current or future agile project. So weather you are a dev lead or a business owner, please come and engage with the discussion on an ever-important topic in an ever-changing business and IT world.

    Speaker: John Gobble