Clayton Hoyt

Clayton Hoyt

Senior Database Admnistrator
Smithton, IL

I've been involved in SQL Server development and administration since version 6.5 and .NET development using VB.NET and C# since version 1.1. Today, although I still do some application development, the majority of my time is spent administrating SQL Server and working with our development staff to optimize production queries.

Clayton's Sessions

  • SQL Server For The .NET Developer

    Topics will include both lectures and live examples of

    • Use of Temp Tables vs. Table Variables. Their similarities, differences and why and when to choose one over the other
    • Proper use (and misuse) of Cursors. Are they good, bad or sometimes just a necessary tool.
    • How to effectively provide support of ORM developers.
    • Basic use of Execution Plans with an emphasis on seeing the "big picture" and how to quickly scan and make use of their results
    • Use of STATISTICS IO and TIME and how they can be easily used to improve performance.
    • How to write JOINs and WHERE clauses to make best use of indexes

    Speaker: Clayton Hoyt